Sites that rank on search engines are fast, have well-structured content, and are accessible to everyone. Pixl Form uses powerful technologies and all the tricks in the book to make your site perform by default.


Search Engine Optimization

Pixl Form makes it easy to build lightning-fast, globally optimized sites. Powerful technology works behind the scenes to ensure your site loads quickly and is easily discoverable by search engines.


Track everything with our built-in GDPR-compliant analytics, Google Analytics and more.

Analytics provides a comprehensive solution for tracking everything on your website. Use built-in analytics that is not sensitive to analytics blockers while staying fully GDPR-friendly (no cookie banner needed). You can also track your progress with integrations such as Google Analytics, Segment, and HubSpot, which you can install with a single click.


Give your page a title and description, and Pixl Form handles optimizing for search engines.

Give your page a title and description, and Pixl Form handles optimizing for search engines. You can easily add and manage the information displayed in search engine results, making it a convenient solution for improving your website’s visibility and ranking.


Create inclusive and accessible websites by setting alt tags, Tab Index, element tags & more.

Accessibility is one of the most essential building blocks on the web. It allows the most amount of people to enjoy the content you create.

While Pixl Form can do some small things automatically, it comes down to the meaning you add to the elements on your site. Pixl Form gives you excellent tools to improve accessibility, such as Semantic and Frame Tags, Image ALT text, Tab order, ARIA label, or Reduced Motion option.


Use semantic tags on your websites for better structure.

Tags are a way to structure and define the content on your website. You can improve the organization and readability of your website, making it easier for users and search engines to understand and navigate the content.

Whether you’re building a simple landing page or a complex web application, using tags in Pixl Form is an effective way to ensure that your website’s content is properly organized and easily accessible. With the ability to use a variety of tags, including header tags, image tags, and more, you have the flexibility to create a website that meets your specific needs and goals.


Pixl Form will generate a sitemap based on your site structure for search bots.

Pixl Form makes SEO optimization easy with its indexing and sitemap controls. Customize page URLs and titles with one click, and Pixl Form will automatically generate new sitemaps. Real-time updates ensure search engines have access to the latest information, improving search visibility and driving more traffic to your site.

Lighthouse Scores

Get great Google Lighthouse scores by default.

Using the latest web technologies and performance optimization techniques, Pixl Form outputs websites that score well on Google Lighthouse, a popular performance analysis tool used to evaluate the quality of web pages. Out of the box, websites created with Pixl Form are optimized for fast loading times, efficient use of resources, and a great user experience, leading to high scores on Google Lighthouse metrics such as First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, and Time to Interactive.

Server-Side Rendering

Load your site even faster through SSR. Faster load times, better scores.

Pixl Form pre-renders every website as soon as you deploy it (also called server-side rendering). The pre-rendered HTML ensures that the Google bot can analyze your website without running any JavaScript and at a considerable speed boost which will favor your site in the rankings. Pre-rendering works when you publish a website; we start a small process on the server that uses JavaScript to render your HTML and CSS. After a successful render, we store the HTML, which we can send to your visitors immediately, resulting in faster load times.


The fastest page loading, anywhere in the world.

Pixl Form offers a convenient and efficient solution for hosting your website with its built-in hosting feature. All you need to do is click the Publish button, and your site will be deployed within seconds. The Pixl Form hosting infrastructure is top-notch, designed for ease of use, speed, and dependability. It utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), and features CloudFront, S3, and multiple load-balanced frontends with large in-memory caches, ensuring that your site is accessible from anywhere in the world with optimal performance.

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