Visually structure your pages and link to them with a few clicks. Every link will be automatically updated when page names change. Redirect traffic if needed.


Website Navigation Structure

Link to another page, scroll to a specific section, or open a modal; our visual navigation tools make directing your users through your site easy.


Turn anything into a link and easily navigate your site.

Links in Pixl Form are a powerful feature that enables you to turn any element into a clickable link. You can create seamless navigation throughout your site by linking to different pages, sections, or external pages. When creating a link, Pixl Form auto-fills it with existing pages, so you always point to the right thing.


Simply create, rename, and move around your site's pages to create routes.

Pages in Pixl Form are the building blocks of your website, allowing you to create, rename and move around different parts of your site. Each page has its unique path, which you can easily set up.

With Pages, you can structure and organize your content in a way that makes sense for your project. Whether you’re working on a simple landing page or a complex multi-page site, Pages in Pixl Form provide a simple and intuitive way to manage and structure it.

Scroll Sections

Give sections on your page unique identifiers, then link directly to them or use them as animation triggers.

You can mark any layer as a scroll section. This allows you to link directly to this section, even outside Pixl Form. We give you a handy overview of all available scroll sections for each page. Additionally, you choose if the scroll should be instant or a smooth animation.


Route traffic from an old path to a new URL.

Routing traffic from an old path to a new URL is a feature that helps redirect users to the new location of your content, even if the URL has changed. This feature is useful when making changes to your website’s structure, such as reorganizing content or redesigning your site. It helps maintain SEO and avoid 404 pages, making it easier for users to find what they want on your website.


Make video players, dialogs, navigation bars, and much more.

We use Overlays to create a wide range of elements on your web page, including video players, dialogs, navigation bars, and more.

Link Styles

Style all of your links in one go, including default, hover, and current page states.

Style all your links in one go, including default, hover, and current page states. This feature makes creating a consistent and visually appealing design for your website’s links easy, saving you time and effort in the styling process.

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